Since 2009, Skinny Lister have been at the forefront of first-rate folk/punk in the UK. Making waves with the irrepressible energy of their debut album ‘Forge and Flagon’ in 2012, the London-formed crew went on to sign with Xtra Mile Recordings for the release of their classic second album ‘Down On Deptford Broadway’ (2014) and so beginning a partnership that has birthed a further four records with the label including ‘The Devil, The Heart, The Fight’ (2016), ‘The Story Is…’ (2019), ‘A Matter Of Life & Love’ (2021), and most recently ‘Shanty Punk’.

Given its mastering polish at the iconic Abbey Road Studios by Frank Arkwright, their latest effort ‘Shanty Punk’ finds the band delivering their most autobiographical and arguably most definitive Skinny Lister album yet. A concept album all about the myths and madness that have have defined Skinny Lister themselves, it was warmly received by The Morning Star who praised in a 5* review “If you’re feeling out of sorts and in need of festive cheering up, the exuberant Deptford sextet Skinny Lister are the remedy, the balm that no festive season can do without. Ever.”, whilst RNR Magazine hailed the record as “very good…raucous!” (4*).

As the band’s career continues to see them passing the growing flagon of their experiences with every album and tour. They’ve led an endless parade gathering fans old and new, from the respected folk circuit to the riotous Download Festival, igniting pogoing mosh-pits at each. Over the past ten years they’ve travelled from rain-soaked London to the vast arteries of the USA, upgrading from narrow boat to Salty Dog Cruise, played huge tours across Europe and North America and headlined themselves across festivals, sweatboxes and ever-larger venues. Performing with some of music’s most tenacious live acts from Dropkick Murphys to Frank Turner, Boy George to Beans on Toast to The Bouncing Souls, not to mention reigniting their US fanbase with an epic tour across America with Flogging Molly in 2023; Skinny Lister’s formidable live rep more than proceeds them.

And now with the tantalizing promise of some potential new material on the horizon, catch Skinny Lister doing what they do best at a UK venue near you this Winter.

SOURCE: Official Bio