Slumberville has released his new video for the single titled ‘What A Great Feeling’, released via Nettwerk. Beautifully crafted animation combined with a solid sense of rhythm in a suave audio setting gives the gift of musical smoothness with feelings of laid back sonic bliss. Right for that special mood with that special someone or that time alone if you’re in a state where marijuana is legal… or not 😉 .

About Slumberville

Swedish musician / producer Slumberville (Sebastian Fronda) returns with a brand new track ‘What A Great Feeling’, lifted from his forthcoming debut album ‘Harmony’ due 2nd September through Nettwerk.

Following on from his recent singles, ‘Paraná River’, ‘Bliss’, ‘For The Win’, ‘Gulfoss’ and ‘Forever Young’ ft Woodes, ‘What A Great Feeling’ is a slight change of direction from the lo-fi maestro, channeling chilled out, laid back soundscapes, accompanied by a quirky, stop motion animated video. He says: ”What a great feeling” is just a good vibe thing. You know like a breath out and a motivator to stay in this moment. I wanted to write a really simple kindergarten melody over some relaxed/smooth jazz chords. Consciously, I tried to stay true to this idea and keep it as simple as possible all the way. I wanted to contrast the “simple kindergarten” melody with a bass heavy foundation and Lo-Fi cut drum production/pattern. In my mind this is like if Melody Gardot’s Rhodes piano player met Disney that later met The Alchemist – all this in a Slumberville environment.”

For the album ‘Harmony’, Sebastian adds: “Harmony is a melting pot for all the music genres that I love. I love blending genres and to cross-pollinate them in a Slumberville environment.”

Slumberville epitomises lo-fi music and is always trying to simplify. “Simplicity is key. Always.” is his motto. Loving the DIY headspace, the approach and creative freedom, of a ‘bedroom producer’, Sebastian loves incorporating different genres/styles into his lo-fi world.

Sebastian Fronda, has been labelled as one of Sweden’s ‘hip hop pioneers’ according to Swedish national TV documentary (SVT – Den Svenska Hiphopens Pionjärer 2021). The multifaceted musician started rapping and producing in 1999 and has been described as ‘one of the most entertaining hip-hop artists’ in Sweden for his ‘heavy beats, unusually interesting choruses and good flow’. A live force to be reckoned with, Sebastian has amassed over 500 live shows in the Nordic countries, including 3 platinum and 10 gold selling songs.