Small Miracles has today released their new single titled ‘ExtraTerrestrial’, featuring Mirari, via Dirty Carrot Records.

Protest as art can often get lost in said art as people pay closer attention to the music and style than they do the lyrics or message. Not so with ‘ExtraTerrestrial’. The message is as undeniable as it is unrelenting. And, while the music is stellar and signature, it encapsulates the message and makes it all the more important and easier to digest. This is what music is meant to be. A message. An awakening. A feeling. Morals as a muse.

About Small Miracles

Small Miracles are a dynamic quintet from Cardiff, Wales. Inspired by the early New Wave movement, they infuse elements of Punk, Blues and Grunge into their genre-bending sound. Their music has a distinctly queer, underground feel, finely balancing heavy grooves and breakdowns with catchy hooks and choruses. The band were honoured to recieve support for last single ‘Mercury’ by Deb Grant BBC Radio 6 Music, Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales, Treblezine, Circuit Sweet, Edge Of Arcady, No New Wave No Fun, Amplify The Noise.

The band describe ‘Extra Terrestrial’…..

ExtraTerrestrial is a protest song and a condemnation of war, initially written in response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. As the lyric developed it became clear that Putin couldn’t be criticised without acknowledging the damaging consequences of Western interventionism in the Middle East, and this became the crux of the song.

It is an attack on the British and American governments which have waged war on the Middle East for decades and the deceptive colonization of capital which accompanies this warfare. This is mirrored in the track with jarring samples, a screeching guitar solo and Mirari’s defiant verse. The crossover of punk rock and rap is, in itself, both anti-establishment and an act of resistance, and this is the energy of ExtraTerrestrial.