Smooth Rogers has premiered their new single titled ‘My Number One’, dropping tomorrow, from their upcoming album ‘Roger That!’, scheduled to release later this spring or early summer.

What could be a theme for a fun filled summer, there are traces of funk and electrodancetastic beats and fills with a soulful harmonized vocal melody that feels as much as heels. While subtly taking in that retro vibe there is a solid anchor in the future of indie music declaring ‘this is where it’s headed.

With a solid and diverse background in music, having been in bands such as Daydream Review and George Arthur Calendar, Smooth Rogers takes that diversity and originality and makes it part of their signature sound by bringing everything to the next level outside of the box.

“I wrote ‘My Number One’ as a bittersweet appreciation anthem to a past partner. It starts off on the topic of when you first fall in love and you’re in that honeymoon phase. As the song goes on, it turns into more of a reflection of all the things that happened and talks about always caring for somebody, even if you’re no longer in each other’s life. I wanted to make the song as dancey as possible while also being a bit melancholic, to capture those mixed emotions that come along with the kind of breakups that don’t end on a horrible note.”
Smooth Rogers

About Smooth Rogers

Smooth Rogers is the brainchild of Chicago-based producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, Zac Bron. Zac grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, moved to Chicago in 2018, and quickly became involved in the music scene there. After playing in various bands and leading other solo projects, the idea to start Smooth Rogers came about in 2021. They released their debut album ‘Speechless’ in the summer of 2023. Combining elements of synth-pop, funk, and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, Smooth Rogers takes you on a journey through lush psychedelia that will have you questioning everything and leave you with answers to nothing.

Featured image by Mia Lentz.