Soft Science have today premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Grip’ from their latest album ‘Lines’ released via Shelflife (North and South America), Spinout Nuggets (UK/Europe), and Fastcut Records(Asia).

Featuring a cacophony of sweet guitar noise and memorable rhythm, Soft Science set forth yet another reason to get into their music. This is just simply infectious. That perfect mix of sonic art and visual decadence that shows what good indie is: your next favorite band.

While ‘Grip’ is a new song, it has that future classic feel and that homage to the past vibe. When alternative was called post modern and ‘120 Minutes’ ruled on MTV.

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About ‘Grip’

‘Grip’ is the third video we have made for songs from our new album Lines. This song was one of the first songs Ross Levine conceptualized for the album. Somewhat ironically, the lyric in the chorus, “make it through by force of will,” feels in many ways like a theme for Lines. We intended to finish this album in about a year or so but the pandemic made it very difficult for us all to get together so progress on Lines was very slow. We were not able to complete the album in the timeframe we had hoped but in the end, where there is will there is a way, and it feels rewarding that we finished and it is out in the world now.

We actually started working on writing ‘Grip’ and playing this song live toward the end of shows we played in support of our last album, Maps. We felt it would be meaningful for the video to have us playing this song live as we have come full circle. The video came about by recording lots of footage of us playing the song live with our iPhones. We set up with lights, a smoke machine, etc. at the place where we practiced and started filming. Videographer extraordinaire Matt Maxwell who did our video for ‘Diverging’ on Maps graciously took all of our footage, edited it, and put his stylized spin on it.

About Soft Science

Northern California-based quintet Soft Science is “deeply invested [and] honest in their approach to find something new” (The Chicagoist) while maintaining their pop sensibilities. Once described as having “the potential to become one of the great Left Coast power pop bands” (Popmatters), the band’s sonic evolution has led to an exploration of the noisier side of dream pop with glimmers of dark wave on their fourth LP, Lines (Shelflife Records – US | Spinout Nuggets – UK | Fastcut Records – Japan).

Soft Science began working on their recently completed album Lines in 2019, forging the record in their home studios together and at times in isolation from each other during the height of the pandemic, swapping tracks and making adjustments from a distance for what felt like an eternity. Reuniting in person to finalize the mix created a palpable excitement, an energy that can be felt throughout the record. Lines addresses living and loving within the complexities and challenges of everyday life in our fast-paced digital world.

Formed in 2009 by longtime collaborators Katie Haley (Holiday Flyer, California Oranges) and brothers Ross and Matt Levine (Welt, The Tank, California Oranges), the group was later joined by partners Tony and Becky Cale (English Singles, Arts & Leisure), and Hans Munz. With alluring vocals, two 12-string guitars, bass, drums, and synthesizers, the ensemble layers copious melodies, celestial harmonies, and propulsive rhythms with lush electronic soundscapes to create “a sound built to outlast trends” (Chicago Tribune). “It’s not often you hear dream pop that’s so devastatingly dynamic and driving” (The Big Takeover).

Previous Soft Science recordings include LPs Maps (2018), Detour (2013), and Highs and Lows (2011), a few singles, including a split 7″ with The Luxembourg Signal (2015), and covers of House of Love’s “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” and Northern Picture Library’s “Paris” (both 2018). Critical acclaim for their recordings led to invitations to perform at the New York Popfest, Paris Popfest, The Big Takeover’s 35th Anniversary show, a WFMU show opening for The Chills, KEXP live (2019) and Part-Time Punks sessions, plus additional festivals in the U.S. and Iberian Peninsula.

Soft Science are

Katie Haley (she/her)- vocals
Ross Levine (he/him)- guitar, synths, backing vocals
Matt Levine (he/him) – guitar
Tony Cale (he/him) – drums, percussion
Becky Cale (she/her) – bass, backing vocals
Hans Munz (he/him) – electronics