Hailing from New York, USA, and based in Hamburg, Germany, singer-songwriter Sone immerses herself in the world of crafting melodies that speak to the heart. Fresh from the release of her debut single ‘Here to Stay’, she is back again showcasing her inner thoughts in a rollercoaster of emotions on her new single ‘Happy’. Her mesmerising songwriting, enthralling production, and alluring vocal delivery drive this alt-indie offering.

Sone loved performing, being on stage, and most importantly, interacting with the audience and people. She had a deep passion for music and singing from a very young age. Sone desired to take advantage of any chance to hone her vocal skills and have a better comprehension of music. She came to pursue opera singing in Germany, where she was able to complete her studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theatre Hamburg, where she also earned a bachelor’s degree.

Sone made the most of every chance she had to develop as an artist while she was living in Germany, including modelling and trying out various singing and musical styles. She briefly played in a band while studying opera, which broadened her skill set in songwriting and lyrics. She also co-wrote songs in a variety of genres, such as pop, jazz, funk, rock, and alternative. After experimenting with many musical genres and approaches, she concluded that, although she has the utmost regard and affection for opera, songwriting has always been her greatest interest. She is capable of writing accessible but relatable songs that are intimate and genuine.

With the release of her much-awaited single ‘Happy’, her creative energy is presently being directed into compositions that are even more sensitive, honest, and vulnerable. And while out on a stroll, Sone wrote the lyrics and melody in a stream of thought. Even though she felt strange when writing ‘Happy’, being creative helped her come closer to having true happiness.

‘Happy’ proved to be a crucial turning point in Sone’s understanding of her struggles. The song talks about a significant turning point in her life when she ended a serious relationship and attempted to redefine what it meant to be genuinely happy. She was unsure of how to be happy, what she could do for herself, and whether or not what she was feeling was real because of the overwhelming sensation that many others go through.

The single showcases Sone’s raw vocals mysteriously to create a captivating and distinctive sound. The alt-indie offering embraces the emotions of feeling sad whilst on a journey to happiness while transporting listeners into a realm of enchanting soundscapes.

‘Happy’ embodies the want to be happy with its self-reflecting lyrics and poignant instrumentation on the catchy melody. The track features bass, drums, guitar, and piano on the production, along with Sone’s appealing vocals.

Sone knew that letting her guard down and ceasing to have so many expectations of herself would be the only way she could be happy, even though for the first time she was taking her own light and speaking her mind.

On the release, Sone says, “‘Happy’ is about not standing in your own way – and letting yourself let go and be… happy”.

With this beautiful offering, fans will fall in love with it immediately. ‘Happy’, which is endearing, resonating, and calming through to the very end, is certain to be one of the most exciting songs of 2024.

SOURCE: Official Bio