Sonny Tennet has today premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Panorama’. Sonny delivers a song with a much needed hopeful message that transcends borders and skips over all beliefs with a timeless feel and a timed delivery. With a ‘combat the combat’ commentary, Sonny shows the world that hate doesn’t have to be fate.

Musically, the track and video showcase what could be possible with a little faith in that love conquers all; a message that is as old as humanity but as fresh as humanism. With a soulful vibe and powerful vocals, ‘Panorama’ feels like a summer in February and a glorious start to 2024.

Whatever your musical tastes and wherever you are in the world and your state of mind, ‘Panorama’ is a song that you relate to on a guttural level and take with you long after that first listen with a newfound smile on your face with a hint of snark.

About Sonny Tennet & ‘Panorama’

South Shields born 24y/o Sonny Tennet is entering a new era of music. Sonny’s stand out vocal and unique songwriting ability have gained him over 60M streams to date and this year he will be releasing his debut album starting with single ‘Panorama’. This Pop/R&B outing is Sonny’s commentary on how he sees the world today. A lively breakbeat and thumping bass line offset Sonny’s soulful vocals, giving throwback 90’s vibes.

On the epic new single, Sonny says – “Writing Panorama was a way of me expressing how I feel about the world today, through my eyes. It’s really messed up sometimes and I think we can all see it. I am really hopeful, and I love life but I find every time I turn my TV on it’s full of hate. From the little things like our obsession for brands to the much bigger issues, like, when do I need to build my Nuclear bunker? We just need to love each other. NOW!”

Sonny is also limbering up to release his song ‘Howay’ soon which will pay homage to his hometown. After he was spotted performing the track at a show last year, ‘Howay’ has been secured by SkySports as the Newcastle United VO anthem, which will be heard at fixtures and on Sky Super Sunday/Saturday from March!

Following a run of sold out shows at UK venues including London’s prestigious Jazz Café, Sonny is keeping the heat on with the release of ‘Panorama’ and with a May UK tour scheduled to be announced from 28th February with tickets on sale 1st March.