Sophie Pecora has today released her new EP titled ‘To Save The World’. For an artist so young who has already done so much it’s refreshing to see that she has so much left to accomplish.

‘To Save The World’ is that next step in Sophie’s musical journey. An EP sprinkled with life experiences from a songwriter wise beyond her years. Musically simple yet lyrically defined. This is a good thing, in my personal opinion. We find those life lesson that way. The music is also memorable, however. Those delicately pristine hooks laden with melodies that stay with you long after your player has moved on.

Diversity as a directive and delicate around the edges. Sophie is an artist that will not only grow on you, but with you as well.

About Sophie Pecora

Sophie is a singer-songwriter with a unique poetry-rap style of pop music. Sophie has a knack for juxtaposing thought-provoking, ultra-relatable lyrics with catchy, uplifting melodies. She describes her music as “turning feelings into art” & wants to help people feel less alone by connecting with her music.

Sophie found initial success on America’s Got Talent, where she received the Golden Buzzer from Brad Paisley for her original song Misfits. She was also recently featured in this suicide awareness PSA spearheaded by Carole King. And she’s been covered by the likes of Billboard, People, USA Today, Popsugar etc.