275654Be one of the first to experience Sound Pressure Laboratory’s custom built sound system. By utilizing the existing Dolby sound system at the Garberville Theatre, Michael Way has created a three dimensional sound experience that is reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s extremely psychedelic sound control. SPL has succeeded in producing a hex-aphonic sound field and creating a digital analogue amalgamation that deserves its own music genre. SPL is owned and operated by Michael Way who has a hybridized background in music and technology beginning at an IMAX Space Theatre in 1994. He has lived and contracted custom theatres and designed audio video systems for Sony, sound stages, music videos and live theatre productions in Humboldt County for the past 15 years. Michael Way is a certified V-dosc systems engineer with thousands of hours on stage and in production.

SPL challenges and encourages all sound technicians, engineers, musicians, theatre consultants, movie sound designers, recording technicians, and D.J.s to create anything near as intricate as SPACE JAZZ. It is an amalgam of twenty years of audio/video research which we have succeeded in combining the digital and analog realm and have bridged the gap between biological and mechanical transducers by utilizing advanced sound reinforcement control techniques.

Why Garberville? Garberville, California is iconic for its role in the history of psychedelics in America. It is 200 miles north of the bay area and the Electric Kool-Aid acid test and the Height Ashbury district. It is only an hour north of the great and notarized HOG FARM, where Wavy Gravy, Hugh Nanton Romney, Ken Kesey and the infamous blue bus rode free in the hills of Northern California. It also had an 80-year-old theatre with an aging Dolby system that was affordable and available for the development and testing of the project.

SOURCE Sound Pressure Laboratory