Today sees the official release of a brand new single by CT based singer/songwriter named JANICE. The single is entitled NOW OR NEVER and also features rapper ASON, and comes after the release of her previous hit single, Liar Liar.

The single was written in May 2016 by JANICE, and just like her other music, she describes it as coming naturally in the spur of the moment. One of her producers played a track for her, and she wrote the lyrics to NOW OR NEVER the same day.

Besides it being a catchy title, it also describes the song’s message perfectly: “The inspiration for the song might have been a new love interest. And I felt the need to let him know that it’s either Now or Never!” laughs Janice.

Like her previous work, the single also features a lot of Janice’s sass and attitude. It also contains loads of melody and a story with a realness completing it.