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Spirit Gun is a hard-hitting power trio based in Norfolk, Virginia. The band’s blending of punk-rock energy, gritty garage rock, complex metal timing, and soulful vocals has created a distinctive original sound and a powerful live show experience. Only knowing one speed – full throttle – the boys go on a sonic journey whether they are playing for 2 people or 200.

Pete Overstreet, lead singer and guitarist, combines deep soulful vocals with ravishing punk-rock riffs; Stephen Siegel, bassist and backup vocalist, brings a metallish twist with fast paced rhythms and complex fills; and Oren Lev, drummer and backup vocalist, has precise timing and beats the drums as hard as any one man possibly can. Together, each band member brings their own spin to a sound that has become all their own.

Spirit Gun is all about changing perspectives and bringing people out into the world to experience the power of Rock n’ Roll.

Spirit Gun is:

Pete Overstreet: Vocal/Guitar

Oren Lev: Drums/Vocal

Tony Burgess: Bass/Vocal

SOURCE: Official Bio