Spurts have today released their new single titled ‘Jeff Tweedy‘. Inspired by the writings of the Wilco frontman, Spurts files a response with a signature sound and original style the takes the interpretation that rockstar status vs raucous reality with a monster of a song as an anthem for the everyone.

“The song was directly inspired by reading Jeff Tweedy’s book “How to Write One Song.” In this book, Jeff Tweedy takes a kind of “tough love” approach where, at least in my reading of it, he tells the reader to stop making excuses and get off their ass, and just write a song. At the time, I was like, ‘Easy for you to say, Jeff Tweedy! You’re a famous rock star who can sit around all day making songs in your downtown Chicago studio! I’m a public school teacher who can’t find the energy to clean my own car! How am I supposed to make an album?!’ I guess I wrote it out of bitterness and jealousy. That being said, I love him!”
Robert Sanlis

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About Spurts

Racing out of Oakland, CA, Spurts is the sentimental slacker rock group composed of hometown friends Robert Sanlis (guitar / vocals), Nathan Graves (keys), Chris Schubert (bass) and Jack Kovacich (drums). With their DIY recordings and energetic live performances, Spurts deliver music that embodies listening to a playlist full of forgotten 90’s bangers. Though their tracks have a glaze of nostalgia imprinted in them, the four-piece offer a cynical, yet self-aware take on indie rock that is explored further on their forthcoming LP That Was Mean And I’m Sorry.

Treading through deeper territory within their established yet flexible style, That Was Mean And I’m Sorry’s walls of sound hit harder, the moments of minimalism are more intimate, and somehow the space between has been expanded and filled. Viewed from the sonic lens of bands like Of Montreal, Pavement, or Real Estate, the new album is a tasty treat for those who enjoy indie rock with a gusty tang of 90’s lo-fi.