Golden Parachuter is a reflection of the greed for money, fat parachute deals and rich tycoons who buy football clubs and exploit them to the fullest. Golden Parachuter is also a monster that took the band a long time to complete. But now it’s finally here and will pass through our hearts like a pulse and almost unconsciously make us sing along to the choruses.

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club from Stockholm Sweden has been described in media as a mix of The Jam, Inspiral Carpets and Oasis. Star producer Shellback has also compared their music with Arcade Fire. The band is run by Jimi Sebastian, raised in Sweden but with an English father which is reflected in both lyrics and music where the social realist narrative often plays a prominent role.

The band is constantly growing and considered as one of the country’s most entertaining live acts. SJSCC has previously released one full-length album and 3 EP’s, played frequently live where they sell out venues in both Sweden and London UK. A new full-length album will be out in 2024.

SOURCE: Official Bio