Effortlessly endearing, Boorloo/ Perth-based indie/ pop/ soul artist Stacey Ann exudes positivity, joy and charm. Dazzling with her honeyed vocals and graceful essence, Stacey Ann is announcing her debut EP ‘A Change In The Wind’ (Out March 14), with the release of her high-spirited single ‘Ripples’.

For the unacquainted, Stacey Ann has become known for her anthemic pop and soul that strikes with mesmerising power and earnest, heartfelt messages. She has graced festivals including Nannup Music Festival and RTRFM Winter Music Fest in 2023, performed on live TV, and supported local WA icons Ghost Care, Joan & The Giants and Dulcie.

Now, providing a stunning taste of what is to come on her debut EP, Stacey Ann finds the sweet spot between warming vintage tones and contemporary alt-pop with her sunny, uplifting single ‘Ripples’. The track is inspired by the positive impact of surrounding oneself with supportive, uplifting friends and how nurturing those loving and unconditional friendships is so important. She explains:

“I was inspired to write this song by the people around me who made me see how important it is to surround yourself with positive people and how when this happens, it creates ripple effects in other areas of your life, too.”

Dishing out a big friendly hug, ‘Ripples’ is a stunning portrait of Stacey Ann’s soulful vocals, blended seamlessly with the backing vocals of Ruby Miguel, who also features on the keyboards that lay comfortably in the back of the track. Riley Sutton and Finn Pearson on drums and bass guitar layer the single with rich textures, while Chris Zappa along with Ashton Weaver, on trumpet and lead guitar, combine their own signature styles and add the final spark to its energetic flare.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Cedric Tang.