Musicians around the world have until October 15, 2015, to upload their original song to here, where hundreds of thousands of music fans around the world can vote for their favourite artists. Fans vote through shares on social media or with paid votes by purchasing artists’ music and merchandise.

Revolutionizing the Music Biz
In the digital era, music fans enjoy easy access to music through streaming platforms. Yet the recording artists receive little to no income from these platforms.

“Sadly, the music industry has not responded to the needs of today’s emerging musicians” says Christof Straub, CEO and co-founder of Global Rockstar. “We provide artists a global, online stage for their music, a marketplace for selling digital and physical products, and a chance to win some serious cash.”

How it works
During the contest’s National Preliminaries, fans from each country elect one local artist to advance to the Global Finals. The artist with the most votes in the Global Finals wins the $25,000 USD Grand Prize. The top three finalists also win audio equipment from AKG by HARMAN, Paiste and ADAM worth $20,000! By offering merchandise to fans who cast votes, each contestant receives up to 90% of the resulting income.

About Global Rockstar
Global Rockstar was founded in Austria in 2013 by songwriter/producer Christof Straub and marketing professional Ronny Steibl. In 2014, artists from over 140 countries participated and fans cast over 1.5 million votes on the platform. Last year’s winner was Jhanniel from Argentina.

SOURCE Global Rock Star