Dialtone Pickups, a new-generation electric guitar pickup, has gained strong traction and early adopters with its patent-pending pickup technology. Born out of the difficulty that John Liptac, the company’s founder, faced while trying to achieve a particular sound in his own guitar, Dialtone allows musicians to adjust tone using two dials built directly into the guitar’s pickups. Dialtone’s modern yet simple approach provides players unprecedented flexibility in achieving desired sounds, including attaining new tones never before possible through a traditional guitar pickup.

Specifically, the company has developed a drop-in humbucking replacement that players can use in their existing guitars. Adjusting tone through the guitar’s pickup allows musicians to manage the true tone of their ax, coloring sounds already present in their guitars rather than adding artificial effects after the signal has been produced. The company has already drawn attention from leading guitar manufacturers and musicians, and offers a promising product that players around the world are itching to try.

Proudly Made in America
Each year, tens of thousands of mass-produced pickups made in overseas factories are imported to the U.S. Made down to a price, these imported pickups are designed as general replacements to produce an adequate sound for the average player. Dialtone Pickups is different. Family-owned and operated, and based in Livermore, California, Dialtone Pickups are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S. using premium quality components and utmost care. The Dialtone team produces its pickups by hand, including winding coils, assembling, and testing components one-by-one.

Leading Change:
Accessing tone through the pickup is arguably the most efficient and effective way to alter a guitar’s true tone. Led by a team experienced in the music and technology industries, and founded by a physicist with expertise in pulse-shaping analog electronics, Dialtone is poised to alter the way technology is used guitar pickups.

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