It is safe to say that Hamburg based singer and songwriter Stefanie Black has quickly become a favourite amongst music lovers on a worldwide scale. Despite only being 19 years of age, her mature singing voice will leave you with goosebumps throughout your body, courtesy of her performances in musicals, and her infectious blend of power ballads and soft pop records – it comes as no surprise that she has was a semi-finalist in X-Factor El Mundo, finalist for multiple Coast Rider Music Awards, and wooed judges during the televised show Germany Got Talent – a remarkable achievement for any budding artist.

Her latest masterpiece comes in the form of ‘Home For You’, an emotional record that tells the story of a young girl who is feeling the pain from being apart from his partner – sure to touch hearts and move listeners cross the globe. Armed with Stefanie’s sublime vocal, poignant chord progressions and commanding guitar riffs, ‘Home For You’ is sure to have a place the heart of all music lover’s hearts.