1. Like A Prayer Stephen McLaren 4:01

‘Like A Prayer’, Stephen McLaren’s version of the famous Madonna smash hit, is a cover with a difference. Pedal buzzing synth fades in, introducing a four-to-the-floor, powerfully-delivered banger. Dance-piano virtuosity, vocal strength, and dreamy use of synth is characteristic and, as ever, in glorious evidence, making this an all-round Christmas cracker.

Buzzing from the critical acclaim of his LP, “They Don’t Put Any Money In Your Pocket”, released earlier in the year, Stephen is excited to share this off-the-cuff piece of pop magic, packaged up nicely with a visual feast of a video: full of smiles, costumes, flashing lights, and festive laughs.

McLaren: “I just thought this would be a bit of a laugh as I’d done it live a few times around the album launch earlier in the year and thought, “why not? It’s Christmas, after all! Hope Madonna is alright with it though.”

SOURCE: Official Bio