1. I Wouldn’t Notice strawman. 3:06

Riccardo Ranzani (a.k.a. strawman.) is an Italian singer, songwriter, producer, and former lead singer of the band “Strawman the Jackdaws”.

His lifelong passion for music led him to extensively tour Italy, Ireland, and the U.K., as well as to achieve 1st place on amazon.it charts for bestselling album.

Thanks to his efforts, a few renowned international media earned him some recognition – among these platforms: Hot Press, RTE’, music.it, Nialler9, La Stampa, and La Repubblica.

strawman. keeps traveling around Europe and performing on the road — constantly eager to draw inspiration from new experiences, as well as to share his heartfelt work and to connect with an audience.

Inspired by his numerous travels across European countries, performing on the streets and at small venues with his guitar only, strawman. decided it was time to bring some of the ideas he had developed during those travels to life.

“i wouldn’t notice.” is, in fact, a product of those experiences — as well as Riccardo’s first experience as a solo artist. This debut single comes from an EP that was entirely written, produced, and mixed by strawman., and finally mastered by Robin Schmidt.

The track features strong folk qualities and is mainly characterised by a prominent finger-picking guitar, accompanied by strawman.’s voice, which in turn tags along the silky tone of Mongolian singer celine. — all gently ushered by light ambient synth pads.

The lyrics explore the meaning of the concept of value, in today’s world, shaped by the experiences of travel and through imaginative metaphors.

SOURCE: Official Bio