Success delivers “Politics and Critics”. It’s the cosmic new single from his upcoming EP Black Balled. Lyrically, the track outlines Success’s inner-struggle with being an independent artist and fighting the ups and downs of the industry. It’s one of his most introspective tracks to date and a healthy introduction to Success’s fresh new sound.

Black Balled is a swift left turn from Success’s previous image. After releasing You’re Welcome in 2013, Success took some time to focus more on songwriting and establishing himself in the Los Angeles music scene and has since decided to completely redirect his image. Success has opted to re-enter into the spotlight under different circumstances – he’s all art, no image. He is stepping away from the spotlight by deciding to keep his face completely hidden.

“Politics and Critics” is the official welcome to the new world of Success. His Black Balled EP will be released in February and he’ll be releasing additional content in the coming months. Get familiar now because it’s going to be an adventure.