Super Plage has released his new album titled ‘Magie à minuit’ through Lisbon Lux Records. A fruitful mix and mash of electronic and accessable pop, Super Plage has announced his sound and attributed his style in a way that crosses genres and mixes the audience.

Feeling a bit relieved about this album because, while not necessarily a fan of electronic and dance, I find this album so very friendly on the ears and soft on the heart that I can’t help but keep listening. Not harsh at all but really getting the vibe throughout.

About Super Plage

GAMIQ award-winning French-Canadian musician Super Plage released his new album Magie à minuit on the via Lisbon Lux Records. On the LP, which premiered on glamglare, listeners will find the colourful record ‘+1 (ft. Meggie Lennon, Virginie B)’. With each release, Super Plage has reached new ears: on radio, the artist’s music has received spins from KCRW’s Travis Holcombe, NPR Music, SiriusXM, Stingray Radio, Radio-Canada, and CISM 89,3 FM. He has gained the support of industry publications Notion Magazine, Exclaim!, Le Canal Auditif and Le Devoir to name a few.

Being likened to Empire of The Sun, Claire Laffut, and Le Couleur, his music has been streamed seven hundred thousand across platforms and landed placements on Spotify editorial playlists borderless, Oracle, and Montréal Chill.

Super Plage describes the 10-track album: “Magie à minuit (Magic at midnight) is a dance-pop album that takes you on a wild ride through the ups and downs of a party night. It has a summery vibe, catchy choruses, and rather loud kicks to light up the dancefloor.”

Super Plage is on a mission to recapture the wonder of the night, beginning with pre-drinks and ending (barely) at the afterparty. The strength of Magie à minuit lies in an ambivalence between party and nightlife while giving off a constant sunny glow. Super Plage here finds its marks and imposes a sound more and more recognizable. An album definitely refreshing and entirely devoted to its ultimate quest: to dance and have fun until the end of the night.

Born and based in Montréal, Canada, Jules Henry, better known as the French-Canadian electro-pop musician Super Plage, has released three albums in the span of just two years, namely Super Plage I, Super Plage II, and Électro-Vacances. To top it off, he dropped a 21-track compilation titled REMIXTAPE that features remixes of Quebec musicians such as Safia Nolin, Anachnid, Les Shirley, Ariane Roy, Calamine, Laura Lefebvre and others. Super Plage draws inspiration from Robert Robert, Flavien Berger, and La femme.