Shortly after Revolver California hit it big by presenting their own t-shirt fashion collection these same four Californian shooting stars are also out to rough up the rockmusic business. Let’s have a look at how they underpin their more than deserved iconic status by releasing their debut single.

Yet, it is therefore by right that Revolver California, all-rounders of the American fashion and music business, who are clouded in secrecy, are hailed as the new superstars of the international independent scene.

Within a few months the founders of the same fashion label, Jesse Butch, Clay and Doc achieved what most fashion designers can only dream of: Their t-shirt collection, launched under the motto: “I am wearing Revolver California, therefore I am“, really triggered an incredible hype among fashionistas across the globe with people literally grabbing these unique shirts, easily recognized by the distinctive bullet hole in the middle, out of their hands.

However, who are these guys behind the masks which have already achieved iconic status? Rumor has it that four avant-garde artists from the fashion and music business met on a vernissage in L.A. and subsequently decided to start their own fashion label, thus creating unique t-shirts that should counter the uninspired mainstream of the established fashion chains in style and politic. But first things first: Their t-shirts were meant to strike in the first place and their music was meant to follow. Such have been the initial plans. Their unparalleled sales figures serve to show that the ‘Fab Four’ know exactly what they are doing. This is also helped by the fact that they are hiding their true selves behind kind of stylish black and white masks, thus creating a mysterious and conspiratorial atmosphere which not only enhances their success but also sparks the imagination of both critics and supporters. Can this really be true? Find out and go on reading!

But the four guys don’t settle for this big first success in the universe of fashion. The music business will be in for a rough fight. Clay: “We have a clear goal in mind: As a start, we broke all sales records with our fashion label rapidly and now we are heading at same speed for the rock business. And let me tell you: our debut single is absolutely the shit!”

United we are strong-united we will win!

Yet, a few months after they launched their social media presentation, Jesse, Butch, Clay and Doc have already attracted hundreds of thousands of fans on facebook, who totally support with their idols. Furthermore, their huge twitter community is growing every day.

Here, Butch from Revolver California, has to say: „To be honest: it’s the supporters who made us what we are now. This is absolutely amazing and we are grateful for all this support from the start. They are the best and their enthusiastic loyalty is what we love them for. Seems as if we simply belong together – forever!!!!”

Revolver California are setting their sails for revolution, so be part of this fashion meets music happy metal ending!