From the dizzy heights of chart success with tracks ‘Still Speedin’ and ‘Level Up’ it seemed inconceivable to bring the momentum to a halt. Sway’s temporary hiatus from the game now looks to be our gain as he gears up to give us thelong awaited “Deliverance” album.

First single, ‘Stream It’, featuring afro-beats star Mista Silva, tackles the current climate of the music industry, capturing the intensity at which music is consumed in modern day life. Acting as the follow up to previous tracks ‘Upload’ and ‘Download’, Sway is at his lyrical and comical best as he gives insight in to the effect that instant music has on the artist.

Well known for championing and discovering great talent in the earlier stages of theircareers (Ed Sheeran, Mr Hudson, Al Shux & Flux Pavilion), the “Deliverance” shows Sway once again introducing new names and reaffirming his position as a curator of great new talent such as Sam Garrett, Tony Blaize, KSI and Tiggs Da Author, whom he initially signed and developed prior to his newly inked deal with Sony RCA.

His most heartfelt yet intensely lyrical album to date, Sway paints vivid pictures over in-house productions, as well as offerings from World heavyweight producersGiorgio Tuinfort, Amon Tobin, and The Streets legend Mike Skinner.

As Sway says;’Welcome to my Deliverance’ may the service commence.

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