Syd Carter West has today released her new single titled ‘Motorbike Man’. Old school southern bar band brawl and banter hyped by the weathered vocals of Syd and amped up with a band that knows how to deliver the goods, ‘Motorbike Man’ gives a raucous performance meant for the stage and demanding your attention.

About Syd Carter West

From hushed intimacy to audacious authority: Syd Carter West possesses an extraordinary voice. Her artistry maps a fertile musical crossroads where Southern roadhouse blues and rustic country/Americana ignite with the bravado of Seventies arena rock. Finely tuned narratives and expansive melodies match the fierce and soulful vocals of the Vancouver, British Columbia based singer-songwriter.

By age 12, Syd was following a musical path as an opera student with vocal training and music theory studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Conveying words that audiences may not understand in multiple languages taught her to translate drama through eye contact and body language, techniques that she now employs on stage and in videos.

She has always been a storyteller. It was this poetic imagination that illuminated her path from young opera diva to an accomplished lyricist. The songs are brought to vivid life in the studio. “One Home,” inspired by the wave of activism encompassing the struggles of Black Lives Matter, the indigenous people of Canada, and the LGBTQ community, is a poignant invocation of inclusion.

A provocateur, a magnificently expressive vocalist and a deeply evocative songwriter, Syd Carter West arrives as a new artist with commanding courage and disarming authenticity. “I’m still discovering myself,” she concludes “Genuine, and a little quirky — I am an open book.”