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    Caitlynne Curtis - Mood Swings

    First Listen: Caitlynne Curtis – Mood Swings

    Caitlynne Curtis has today released her new single titled 'Mood Swings'. After that initial listen it's easy to see (or hear) why Caitlynne is where she is career-wise. After years of hard and pressing work, we are now left with an artist clearly at her prime. And, with 'Mood Swings', we hear that prime in action.
    Caitlynne Curtis

    First Look: Caitlynne Curtis – I Will Survive + Tour Info

    Caitlynne Curtis has just released her new video for the single titled 'I Will Survive'. With March being National Women's Month, what better way to celebrate the impact that women have, not only on...