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    New You

    The Test Drive: New You – Candy + Exclusive Q&A

    New You is bringing grunge back home to the Pacific Northwest with their new EP Candy. Hailing from the outskirts of Seattle and Tacoma Washington, New You’s ‘90s grunge vibes combine with elements of shoegaze, emo, and alt-rock to create a sonic pallet that’s both familiar and brand spanking new. Starting as guitarist/vocalist Blake Turner’s side project, New You began its new phase when he connected with bassist Chase Valentine, guitarist Cody Gores, and drummer Mike Parker.
    Le Fleur - Candy

    Daily Dose: Le Fleur – Candy

    The divide between funk, jazz and pop is being blurred, and the result is sing-along hooks, hard grooves and an incomparable smoothness that will leave you in the driver's seat for an interstellar journey....