1. Candy Le Fleur 2:54

The divide between funk, jazz and pop is being blurred, and the result is sing-along hooks, hard grooves and an incomparable smoothness that will leave you in the driver’s seat for an interstellar journey. Le Fleur is all of this and a little bit more.

Le Fleur is a Melbourne-born & raised artist whose lyricism and storytelling explores themes of society, love, sexuality and social issues through her lens of lived experience as a queer mixed race Black woman. Latest single Candy see’s Le Fleur exploring these themes while leaning heavily into disco and dance, showing off an irresistible urge to get back to the stage and commanding the dance floor.

On Candy, as with all their work, Le Fleur brings passionate vocals and gritty, hard hitting funk grooves, recalling the acid jazz scene of the early ’90s, the sugar of chart-topping 80’s pop, and the pure funk of the ’70s. This is all wrapped in a sequined package, thrown into the present day, and mixed with Le Fleur’s undeniable individuality and sound.

SOURCE: Official Bio