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    Pull String Prophet

    Daily Dose: Pull String Prophet – Cloud

    Officially emerging in 2015, Pull String Prophet has been in the works for nearly a decade. The Elizabethtown, PA-based hard rock band began as a writing outlet for Don Shiner, former lead guitar player...
    Cyndi Cresswell Cook

    Daily Dose: Cyndi Cresswell Cook – Cloud

    Cyndi Cresswell Cook grew up in a quaint little seaside town. Her father worked and her mother stayed home and baked. Despite this idyllic upbringing, thankfully, she managed to become the bent and warped...
    2ube Extra

    2ube Xtra – Liverpool’s First And Only Live Streamed Music Festival

    2ube Xtra launches on Wednesday 15th April at 5pm from the Paul McCartney Auditorium in LIPA to a live audience and online viewers around the world. The event will feature the best Liverpool based emerging...