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    First Listen: Faultress – Sleep Child

    Faultress has today premiered her new single titled 'Sleep Child' on Jammerzine. Faultress is an artist that, in my opinion, was most likely original from that first note she gave to the world. And, with 'Sleep Child', that is only asserted even more.
    The Week in #Indie

    Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie for 11/25/2019

    The latest episode of 'The Week in #Indie' features exclusive interviews with Prima Donna and UK artist Faultress as premieres from ASM, BLɅCKƎLVIS, Dar.Ra, Drew Davies, Elizabeth The Second, Fea, and Fo Fera. The full...

    Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with Faultress

    Today (November 8, 2019), Faultress releases her new EP titled '5 Myths' (playlist below). And, to go along with such an event, we get to talk with the talented mind behind the music. Faultress...