The latest episode of ‘The Week in #Indie’ features exclusive interviews with Prima Donna and UK artist Faultress as premieres from ASM, BLɅCKƎLVIS, Dar.Ra, Drew Davies, Elizabeth The Second, Fea, and Fo Fera.

The full episode can be found HERE.

About Prima Donna

Prima Donna is a band that has strong ties around and within the music scene. They are, to me, the underground underdogs. What I mean by that is that they keep their street-creds while raising the flag for the indie scene showing just how awesome it is.

And, in this interview, we get to talk with one-fourth of this awesomeness in the form of David S. Field, drummer for Prima Donna. We cover a lot of ground here too. We get a glimpse of the beginnings of Prima Donna as well as collaborations including there inclusion into legendary musician Steven Van Zandt’s illustrious Wicked Cool Records stable of artists as well as the side project David and Prima Donna frontman Kevin Preston have with Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong called The Longshot.

Prima Donna clearly has a full plate throughout 2020, as you will hear in the interview, including a new video for ‘Sing to Death’ (read our single review HERE) as well as a new album and more.


About Faultress

Faultress is an extinct word for a female criminal, and this musical project is about wearing your unpolished faults and imperfections on your very female sleeve. As an artist, Faultress embodies the challenge to heterodoxy implied in her name, which she wields as a firebrand to write incisive and psychological songs that offer us a look into the complex fragmentation of feminine power, desire and mental health in a rapidly changing musical and cultural world.

Faultress’s prime influence is Kate Bush, a soul she shares a love of theatricality with – Faultress has a playwriting MA from RADA – alongside a diverse set of influences that includes the likes of James Blake, Aldous Harding, FKA Twigs and Joni Mitchell. Her full banshee show is a six-part girl choir replete with synths and drums. In her solo shows, Faultress plays piano and loop stations. With the release of her 5 Myths EP, she reveals herself something of a polymath: lyricist, musician, singer, and storyteller employing the full spectrum of her skillset to make unforgettably charged music.


About ASM

ASM drop their new collab with Chinese Man with their new video titled ‘Honey’. Like a sucker punch to the gut, the track hits you hard with the beat and lyrical assault to the senses like depleted uranium to the skull. The video perfectly compliments the song with cut and paste-like creativity and dropped mic-bombs with each scene cut that keeps to the rhythm of the track. A perfect marriage of audio and video.



BLɅCKƎLVIS (BLACKELVIS), A South-Wales based band who have created a monstrous stir across the music scene within just 3 months of their first debut show at Tiny Rebel Cardiff in May 2019.

The band’s infancy has included headline bookings at six of the most renowned venues in and around Cardiff, which have consistently generated rapturous “always-wanting-more “crowds each time without fail – in addition to numerous support bookings across the region. “It is rare to see a band that can captivate a room full of people and takes them to a level of musical ecstasy. To do that on your debut performance is almost audacious and a wonderful spectacle to behold. BLɅCKƎLVIS is quite simply the best new band we have seen in a long, long time and could well become one of the biggest bands to emerge from Wales this year.


About Dar.Ra

Dar.Ra scores cinematic gold in this first-person hyperactive sonic blitz of a video for his new track titled ‘Rock Steady’. The track itself is something that must be listened to. Again and again. The adrenalin in the hook is like a drug that will keep you up for days. The video, however, adds layers to each beat in such a unique way as to make you wish this was a full movie. Think ‘Hardcore Henry‘ vs #indie gold. Pure genius!


About Drew Davies

Earlier we brought you the review for Drew Davies’ new single titled ‘Mrs Taylor’ and told you how special the meaning behind the music is. This time around we concentrate on the video, which just dropped.

The video perfectly encapsulates said meaning with a symbolic journey via car and foot through what I think is one of the more beautiful countrysides in this world. The scenes are cut to the beat which punctuates the track and enhances the driving tone of the song as a whole. Topped by interesting guitar and chord changes that give soul and take score, ‘Mrs Taylor’ is one of those beat-centric anthems for the #indie scene.


About Elizabeth The Second

Elizabeth The Second has officially dropped their new EP titled ‘Two Margaritas at the Fifty Five’. This set of songs is a modern guitarist’s dream to listen to. The riffs are varied and ethereal, to say the least. Combine that with a solid rhythm section and fresh vocals and you have that modern magic that shows Elizabeth The Second is first in new music.

‘Two Margaritas at the Fifty Five’ was released on November 9.


About Fea

Fea drops a monster of a single with visuals in the form of their new track titled ‘Itch’. A surf-Punk Riot Grrl with a tad bit of The Clash and fIREHOSE thrown in for good measure, Fea drops a soul bomb on the realities of touring and embrace the grit and grime of life on the road in the only way they know how: full throttle.


About Fo Fera

Fo Fera has just dropped her new video for the song titled ‘Honey, Are You Broken’ as an exclusive premiere right here on Jammerzine! This is her second single and very first video and we are proud to show it right here. To listen to this track is to know a piece of Fo Fera. A very powerful and sacred piece.

Healing is a tumultuous process. And we’ve all been there. But, for some people, the light at the end of the tunnel comes through creative expression. That can be both a documentation and a process in which the heart can harden as well as heal. And that is what I believe Fo Fera is doing with ‘Honey, Are You Broken’. In fact, this song brought a tear to my eye before I read her biography (below). Fo Fera may not know it but she wears her heart on her sleeve with this track and video. Like a beautiful rainbow at night, you may not be able to see it, but, that beauty is still there. Just because it’s in the dark doesn’t mean its any longer beautiful. ‘Honey, Are You Broken’ is the sunrise that sheds light on that beauty with a wonderful song that can warm the heart and a video that will please the senses.


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