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    Kaurna Cronin - Harsh Beauty

    The Test Drive: Kaurna Cronin – Harsh Beauty + Tour Info

    Karuna Cronin has today premiered his new album titled 'Harsh Beauty', releasing everywhere June 24th, 2022. When I heard that first track that introduced me to Kaurna I heard something that captivated me. Kaurna is a storyteller as much as he is a songwriter.
    Kaurna Cronin

    First Look: Kaurna Cronin – Never Said + Tour Info

    Kaurna Cronin has just released his new video for the single titled 'Never Said'. Set in a captivating setting of spacious skies and touches and hues of earth tones abound, the visuals match the track with that stark contrast of gritty guitar and rock-pop hook filled future classic.