Kaurna Cronin has just released his new video for the single titled ‘Never Said’. Set in a captivating setting of spacious skies and touches and hues of earth tones abound, the visuals match the track with that stark contrast of gritty guitar and rock-pop hook filled future classic.

The song itself feels more like a subtle experience as Kaurna’s voice floats through the song and adds meaning to the melody and lyricism to the words. Gorgeous yet accessible from an artist you should watch.

About Kaurna Cronin

With his natural ability to conjure rich imagery and intense emotional responses through stirring folk-rock experiences, multi-award-winning folks man Kaurna Cronin is back with brand new single ‘Never Said’ and its eye-catching video accompaniment – both out on May 6.

Celebrated as an aficionado of contemporary folk, Kaurna Cronin is continuing to enthral audiences and impress critics, previously named Folk Alliance Australia’s ‘Artist Of The Year’ as well as announcing an extensive European tour that will see him and his band perform concerts throughout Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Denmark and Finland.

Now, with his second single of the year behind gravity-defying release ‘Our Way’, Kaurna Cronin is bringing a touch of grit to his stable folk-rock foundation in ‘Never Said’, as edgy electric guitar riffs and jarring percussion-lead rhythms break out from lush, earthy undertones. Oscillating like a pendulum between expansive, soaring melodies and a sharp unpredictability, Cronin’s sweet, soothing harmonies remain as a conduit between the instrumental juxtapositions as they battle between the love and frustration entrenched within the creative mind.

Curious about the significance of art within evolving cultures whilst artists have to fight for creative freedom to survive in a capitalist society, Cronin wrote ‘Never Said’ as a further exploration into these themes, stating:

“‘Never Said’ is an observation on the struggle artists face living in a capitalist society where corporations benefit greatly from creatives and the arts, but where artistic freedom is often sidelined for profit – it generally speaks of the intersection where capitalism meets art and how artists are heavily affected by this crossroad.”

The music video accompaniment for the single continues to reflect this sentiment, set in the breathtaking Australian outback as Cronin is seen, a striking presence in rich blue, struggling to journey through the expansive landscape spread before him – an avid representation of the treacherous yet beautiful terrain that artists must endure whilst navigating a life in the arts.

“We have seen how integral the arts are to evolving societies, in reflecting upon and understanding ourselves and also in uniting people,” Cronin says.

“The last years have shown us life would be utterly boring without arts – so it’s important to nurture those who create it.”

Kaurna Cronin’s previous releases have seen support from Double J, APRA-AMCOS, the AMRAP Regional Charts, MTV Germany, Scenestr, Forte, Australian Musician, Beat Magazine, Rip It Up, Out Now Magazine and more.

Having recently played two headline shows in Adelaide and with his European Tour kicking off in June, Kaurna Cronin’s new single ‘Never Said’ and accompanying music video are both out today.

About ‘Never Said’

  • Written and performed by Kaurna Cronin (Vocals, Acoustic Guitars)
  • Tom Kneebone on Electric Guitars | Kiah Gossner on Bass
  • Kyrie Anderson on Drums | Frank Giles on Strings
  • Lauren Henderson on Backing Vocals
  • Produced by Kaurna Cronin
  • Recorded by Kaurna Cronin & Mick Wordley
  • Mixed by Kaurna Cronin & Kiah Gossner
  • Mastered by Steve Smart