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    Lara Taubman

    The Test Drive: Lara Taubman – Ol’ Kentucky Light

    Lara Taubman is set to release her new album titled 'Ol' Kentucky Light' this Friday (September 16th) via Atomic Sound Record Company.
    Lara Taubman

    First Listen: Lara Taubman – Ol’ Kentucky Light

    Laura Taubman has released her new single titled 'Ol' Kentucky Light'. That 'ol'' feeling that you get listening to good lo-fi music via hi-fi just got a retro update via Lara, channeling the likes...
    Lara Taubman - Hookup

    Daily Dose: Lara Taubman – Hookup

    Lara Taubman is a performing singer songwriter from New York City. She hails from southern Virginia where she was born and raised. It is where she first heard music and where the sounds of...