1. Hookup Lara Taubman 3:16

Lara Taubman is a performing singer songwriter from New York City. She hails from southern Virginia where she was born and raised. It is where she first heard music and where the sounds of Appalachian music burrowed into her heart, waiting until later in her life to inspire her, when she would begin to make music herself.

Lara has had several careers. She was an art critic and curator, as well as an academic. Through all those years, Lara listened intently to music from all over the world. Without realizing it, music was her north star and a refuge that kept her safe on the journey of her life.

Taubman says of her most recent video: “The first line of my song Hookup: “Was it just a hookup, didn’t you feel my heart?” came to me as I waited for a return text from a guy I had recently hooked up with. Facing the dread of knowing this had not been what I hoped it was, I wrote the song in one sitting, driven by that first line and a mountain of yearning, despair and anxiety.

I always knew the song was going to be a video. I also knew it could never have a man in it because it is about the risky high dives I took in my intimate relationships, gambling with hope as my best hand. When New York City filmmaker Gianny Matias asked me what my concept for the video was, I had a flash of a vision of me naked with all my guitars on my bed. My bed is where the song was conceived and it’s also where I came back to life from all of my bad decisions. It was the guitars that brought me the song (I met the guy at an open mic) and it was the song that gave me the feet to stand in my own power again and to rise above my despair.”

Her first album Revelation (2020) was released to critical acclaim and her second album and EP will be released this fall on Wolfe Island Records. She also hosts her podcast Graveyard Sessions where she has casual conversations with creatives from multiple genres. They are available on Apple podcasts as well as Spotify.

SOURCE: Official Bio