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    Daily Dose: elbé – Only You

    elbé is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Seamus Allen and the perfect vehicle for his indie songs that are blended with folk, traditional music and pop elements.
    Jarmila Xymena

    First Look: Jarmila Xymena – Only You

    Jarmila Xymena premieres her new video for the track titled 'Only You'. Shot and edited in a quasi dystopian fashion, the look really matches the feel as the captivating visuals match Jarmila's stunning and...
    Jarmila Xymena

    First listen: Jarmila Xymena – Only You

    Jarmila was very nearly born on stage in the Lodz Grand Opera House where her Opera-singer mother was determined to go on with the show. Could it be this prenatal experience of being surrounded...

    Daily Dose: Lily Galin – Only You

    Using music to show my understanding of love I come from a small town in Lithuania. Although Lithuania is my home country, I have been living in the United States of America since March...