Jarmila Xymena premieres her new video for the track titled ‘Only You’. Shot and edited in a quasi dystopian fashion, the look really matches the feel as the captivating visuals match Jarmila’s stunning and almost operatic level of vocal work on the song. She really makes this song come alive with an emotional level rarely seen in the world of independent music.

The video metaphorically displays the love passionately referenced throughout the song while giving it an almost metaphysical feel as if in a fantasy world of sorts. According to the description, ‘the heroine is a character called ‘The Soul’ and it depicts The Soul’s journey from the point of being designated to manifest in the body of a newborn baby, through the rest of its life to its very completion’. This, to me, is what gives ‘Only You’ such a cinematic quality about it, both visually as well as the song itself. This is a journey.

About Jarmila Xymena

Jarmila was very nearly born on stage in the Lodz Grand Opera House where her Opera-singer mother was determined to go on with the show. Could it be this prenatal experience of being surrounded by multi-layered choir harmonies became the essence of Jarmila’s musical creativity?

She started composing at 5, with a first attempt at sound engineering at 12, she had a teenage flirtation with Beethoven’s sonatas and Bach’s fugues. Jarmila has never stopped reinventing herself, first in Poland with 19thcentury English Folk music with Sovay then a keyboard player with Rock bands.

When Jarmila reached England, with a quest to ‘find her own voice’ her multimedia Trance-Magic Piano Sessions at the bohemian Trolley Stop in Dalston, London, resulted in the acclaimed album ‘Hashgachah’. Jarmila was then chosen for nomination by the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards and has been a guest lecturer at Cambridge University and also a composer of music for theatre and film.

After many performances at the ICA, Jazz Café, Vortex, Union Chapel and many European music festivals she has also been featured and interviewed by many stations in radio and TV around Europe. Not stopping there Jarmila was also the inventor of a unique music teaching system, the Gorna Method and has built her own recording studio, where she works as a composer, songwriter, sound engineer, producer and arranger of music.

‘A sophisticated, soul-bearing vision. Audacious… incredible vocal harmonies… A stunningly cathartic tour de force.’
(The Herald, Scotland)

‘Totally unique… startling and original.’
(Jazz FM, UK)

‘Wordless vocal pyrotechnics: from deep sultry jazz to wild chants and soaring celestial choirs. The virtuoso piano is of the highest caliber: richly diverse and brilliantly conceived.’
(Kindred Spirit)

‘Incredibly captivating… she has built her own musical cosmos.’
(Folker, Germany)

‘Her impassioned vocalizing swoops through the octaves’
(The Scotsman, Scotland)

‘All human emotions are featured with drama and searing conviction. Emotional honesty and vulnerability choreograph epic soundtracks.’
(The Herald, Scotland)

‘Crucially, she has evolved a unique style of singing without words.’
(Jewish Chronicle, UK)

‘Some high-pitched scream-like cries nearly moved me to tears.’
(Women in Music, UK)