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    The Test Drive: Superdestroyer – SoakedInSynth.Zip

    Superdestroyer (he/him) is an anonymous Columbus, OH DIY Journeyman and co-founder of Lonely Ghost Records. He creates experimental punk-adjacent music that pushes the boundaries of the various genres from which he borrows, and his...

    The Test Drive: Superdestroyer – Goon + Q&A

    Sometimes, the best artists hide a lot of themselves in order to create something universal. It’s easier to be honest with strangers every once and a while. By maintaining anonymity, Columbus City’s Superdestroyer is able to create music about the human condition that feels unhindered by a creator’s persona. All we know of Superdestroyer is the music, and what’s here on this newest record GOON should endear this artist to us forever.