Superdestroyer (he/him) is an anonymous Columbus, OH DIY Journeyman and co-founder of Lonely Ghost Records. He creates experimental punk-adjacent music that pushes the boundaries of the various genres from which he borrows, and his label is home to a number of genre-bending and experimental artists such as Hey, ily, Cheem, exciting!!excellent!!, and The Merrier.

The project began in 2017 primarily for the purpose of releasing demos to convince friends to start a band–but sometimes the power of friendship is not enough. Since then, the project has evolved into an eclectic and experimental fusion of Punk/Emo–and a smattering of other alternative genres–with ambient, electronica, synth pop and other electronic genres. While the project drastically changes genres and influences across releases, Superdestroyer has common elements that can be traced across albums, such as a focus on rhythmic toms, layered synth textures, short, quickly-evolving songs, fluidity between multiple genres, and a consistent vocal style.

On, one can find all of the hallmarks of a Superdestroyer album on full-display, though the album has a much narrower sonic focus, with the entire album being composed and recorded with 2 synthesizers and an electric drum kit. The album takes heavy influence from ambient, downtempo, and electronica with the aim of using those influences as an anchor upon which to build heavier songs.