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    Sugar For The Pill

    The Test Drive: Sugar For The Pill – Wanderlust

    Sugar For the Pill has released their new album titled 'Wanderlust'. Considering this is their first full length album, there is a lot here content-wise yet their is also a goo amount of experience considering the band's age.
    Elaine Palmer

    First Listen: Elaine Palmer – Wanderlust

    Elaine Palmer delivers an angelic performance with her new single titled 'Wanderlust'. The song gives a small town/big dreams jab to the feels with Elaine's beautifully weathered voice as she sings with a passion...

    Daily Dose: Svavar Knútur – Wanderlust

    Icelandic singer-songwriter Svavar Knútur is a talented troubadour whose artistic style stems from humble beginnings set amidst his rural upbringing. Svavar carefully crafts stories into each one of his compositions. Within his albums, he...