Sugar For the Pill has released their new album titled ‘Wanderlust’. Considering this is their first full length album, there is a lot here content-wise yet their is also a goo amount of experience considering the band’s age. Wise beyond their years, so to say. Part shoegaze and part vintage #indie, yet all original. That feeling of discovering your new favorite artist is alive and well with this band. Take this in and let it become a part of you.

About Sugar For The Pill

Sugar For The Pill are an Indie / Shoegaze – Dream pop band formed in March of 2020 in the city of Athens, Greece.

The band consists of former members of Skinner Box (2012) and Dead Buildings (2009): -Vana Rose (vocals) -Spyros Mitrokotsas (guitars) -Elias K (guitars) -Stefanos Manousis (bass/keyboards) -Konstantinos Athanasopoulos (drums) Their name was inspired, as Shoegaze fans might have already guessed, by the track from Slowdive’ s self-titled album (2017).

Their debut, full length album, Wanderlust is a restless mind willing to explore the world by constant movement. This “ movement” implies a gradual release, away from the stillness of the routine, from soul restricting relationships and environments, through a dreamy, hovering journey that will create the memories of a lifetime.

At times with a wider, dynamic momentum created by a well reined wall of sound, influenced by early 90’s bands like ‘My Bloody Valentine’ and ‘Slowdive’, and at times like a soft travelling cloud of heavenly female vocals that will remind you of dreamy indie/ alternative bands, like ‘Cocteau Twins ’ and ‘Lush’ and even a bit of ‘Interpol’ , Sugar for the Pill levitate through this earth, painting their emotions along their path.