Tearless ( Dark Metal from Croatia) album “Step Into Darkness” is out today on all major digital outlets: iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Spotify, Real Rhapsody, etc….via WormHoleDeath.!

This melodic and gothy album thunders along like a Japanese bullet train and to be honest, is rather good.

“Their story may be a cliche but it is a proof that dreams can come true if you feel love and passion towards music.” Dave / Ravenheartmusic

About Tearless:
Tearless were formed in autumn 2003 by Zlatko Kušter (guitar, vocal), Marko Bregović (drums) and Zoran Ernoić (guitar) as a cover band. Soon after that, we started to compose our own music and write our own songs. The band expanded after Matija Brežni (keyboards), Josip Cujzek – Fure (bass guitar) and Kristina Mojzeš (female vocal) joined Tearless. In 2005 we recorded our first demo called „Reverie“, with Ivana Vuglač replacing Kristina as a female vocal.

Due to some personal problems and the lack of time, Tearless were forced to be put „on hold“ until 2007. Then, under the name „Seed of Evil“, the band continued working but with few new members. Davor Kušen (guitar), Miran Špičko (drums), Zoran Druško (keyboard) and Lucija Geček (female vocal) were parts of the „new“ band that soon reclaimed the old name „Tearless“. In the same year we recorded another demo called „World of Shadows“ and in 2009 demo called “The Path of Sorrow”. Fate was not kind to us, so some of our members left the band again.

There were some major changes considering the bandʾs line-up from 2010 until 2012 when we managed to put together people that are the „base“ of the band – Zlatko Kušter (guitar/vocal), Filip Babić (bass guitar/vocal), Siniša Godinić (guitar) and Miran Špičko (drums). In 2013 we recorded our first full length album called „Step Into Darkness“ which contained 10 songs and featured Lucija Juriša as a female vocal in Mathlab recording studio and we became a part of Wormhole death family. The current line-up of Tearless is: Zlatko Kušter (guitar/vocal), IvanaNovak (female vocal), Siniša Godinić (guitar), Filip Babić (bass guitar/vocal), Miran Špičko (drums).

Since the time when the band started to exist, we have been influenced by many bands and varieties of genres in metal sphere. Those ten years were a long period of creating, starting from the beginning, sharing good and not so good times with all the people who were a part of Tearless. Every individual brought something new to the bend and has left a personal „seal“ to the music we created. Our story may be a cliche but it is a proof that dreams can come true if you feel love and passion towards music. To believe in yourself and to have support from friends and family is bigger success than anything else.