The Anix has today released his new single titled ‘PANIC’, from the upcoming album ‘VOLTAGE’, dropping later this year via FiXT. Dystopian punk meets synth-rock drenched in dark overtones with a dash of gritty melody, The Anix relish the requiem and bathe in the dark light of deep music with the reverence of giants and the delivery of poets.

Anthem styled hooks and stadium sized sound is but the beginning for this gateway drug serving a miniscule dose of ‘VOLTAGE’ to the willing and those starved for something new and different. Welcome to the next phase of indie.

About The Anix

“PANIC” embodies a rich mix of synth, drums, guitar, and bass to create a sound that is at once expansive and deeply introspective. The track offers listeners a gateway into the artist’s private experiences with sudden anxiety and panic attacks, particularly around performances and public speaking. This release is not just a song but a story of vulnerability and the human condition, revealing the often unseen struggles individuals face while seemingly riding a wave of success.

Detailing the inspiration of “PANIC,” The Anix explains, “‘PANIC’ is written as an internal dialog with myself during unexpected issues I started having with anxiety/panic attacks before a performance or speech. This started happening out of nowhere, with no warning, where I would just lose the ability to manage my breathing, which makes it impossible to speak. All it takes is for this to happen to you once, then the fear of it happening again can trigger it to happen, which creates a downward spiral of events and paranoia.”

The Anix is the alternative / electronic-rock project of Los Angeles artist/producer Brandon Smith. Known for pushing creative boundaries with his genre-blending mix of alternative rock with dark melancholic undertones drenched in an array of synthesizers, The Anix’s music has captured the attention of global editorial curators with prominent features across official playlists from Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Yandex Music, and more. The Anix has received press support from outlets like Revolver, Substream, and Outburn magazines as well as features in TV and video game franchises including Call of Duty, Destiny, Mass Effect, and WWE.