Hailing from Venice Beach, CA., and with all the indie rock sensibilities that a band from the westside can offer, this foursome is catching fire with their new single, “I’m Alright”.

Influenced by the old school sounds of yesteryear but with a contemporary twist, the single, which drops February 16, 2024, is distributed by discerning indie taste-makers Dark Spark Music/ The Orchard.

The Bluebell Smile is Olórin (bass, vocals), Mateo Maz (guitar), Nathan Tsunoda (keyboards), and Charlie Ziman (drums). We dare you to test their knowledge of each other as the guys have been friends since first grade. Just don’t ask them where the band’s name comes from…

Starting out as a tune about finding a place to party on the weekend, “I’m Alright” has morphed into a realistic anthem for today’s dystopian world. An authentic sound with vivid guitar leads, cinematic builds and clever lyrics, this resonant track brings together an insane cocktail of musical influences. And it works beautifully.

Olórin sums it up as only he can: “Each member of The Bluebell Smile brings their own musical history resulting in an alchemy of influences including Tame Impala, Van Halen, Cream, The Cars, The White Stripes, Radiohead, Black Sabbath and Taylor Swift.”

The Bluebell Smile will continue to share their lives, adventures and music on TikTok and Instagram, keeping the connection with their fans when they hit the studio next month. They’re excited to tour the festivals and colleges later this year.

“I’m Alright” was recorded and mixed by Rob Campanella at Figment Sounds, mastered by Rick Parker and produced by The Fool & The Bluebell Smile.

SOURCE: Official Bio