Pop rock band The Brothers Union have returned with their highly-anticipated EP, “And Always Will Be”. The five-track project is a continuation of the group’s previous EP, “Always Has Been,” which received acclaim upon its premiere in the fall of last year. Vulnerable lyricism and innovative alternative sonics abound, twisting the genre to seamlessly blend new and old sounds. Fans of blink-182, Turnover, Taking Back Sunday, Angels & Airwaves, and We Were Promised Jetpacks will find themselves gravitating towards the tracks.

Based in New Jersey, The Brothers Union was founded in 2015 by co-writers and brothers Mike and Sean O’Reilly on vocals and their childhood friends, brothers Alec (drums) and Jon Wagstaff (lead guitar). As the group honed their sound playing shows locally and across New York and Philadelphia, they released three EPs and two full albums (Pain and the Opposite and Esoteric). Tony Chrysanthopoulos replaced Jon on the lead guitar, ushering in a new era for the group. The Brothers Union began to record their previous EP alongside “And Always Will Be” with their engineer Connor Hanson.

“And Always Will Be” touches on heavy topics with the catchiness of yesteryear’s pop punk. “Lost Without You” features muted drums and vocal effects in the second verse, melting into a sing-along chorus as O’Reilly pines for former love, a message that can be both romantic or platonic in its universality. “The love we gave each other was all we needed then,/And now that you’re gone,/ I’m lost without my friend,” he confesses.

“Travelers” takes on a more spacious air, with a psychedelic concept and sparkling guitar melodies. “First to Last” is a ballad moment for the project, a simple, acoustic riff carrying gentle vocals as the listener is tranced into a tale of existentialism and extraterrestrials. Harmonies swirl around the ending, “We’re here,/they know.”

“Cards on the Table” is a true highlight from the EP. The narrator brings all of their emotional vulnerabilities to the forefront with a significant other, with the trappings of alt-rock perfection. The track began as a simple guitar line hook from Sean, which inspired a jam session and lyrics ensued. Mike shares, “Sometimes it feels like we don’t always make the right choice or play the right ‘card’ when making a big decision. The frustrations of not being able to find something out until everything is set and done.” The melancholy bridge breaks down to give way for a full crescendo as the last chorus begins, evocative of the release of emotional unburdening in a relationship.

SOURCE: Official Bio