’Cosmic Songs For Reptiles In Love’ is the first album by The Cosmic Gospel, a solo project by singer and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Medina from Macerata. Composed, recorded, and produced independently during the summer of 2023, drawing inspiration from outtakes of previous bands and lost ideas, the album was born during a period of emotional transition.

It expresses all the chaos and disruption that pain or joy can generate in one’s soul. These emotional rollercoasters unfold in the eight tracks where stories bordering on the surreal, cannibalism, love, and esotericism intertwine with psychedelic melodic openings and lo-fi sounds. In The Cosmic Gospel’s DNA, you can easily identify traces of The Beatles, Damon Albarn, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Spiritualized, Ty Segall, Beck, and Donovan.

The album will be presented live at the release party on Saturday, January 27, 2024, at La Serra in Recanati (Italy). The Cosmic Gospel will celebrate the release of ‘Cosmic Songs For Reptiles In Love’ with its audience.

SOURCE: Official Bio