The Degrees have released their new single titled ‘Nothing Else’. Slow with soul and filled with sultry ambition, ‘Nothing Else’ provides the soundtrack to that special moment with that person you can’t get enough of. Classic RnB emanate just under the boundaries set by that signature voice.

Emulating music’s past with a road to the future, ‘Nothing Else’ is what music should become again. That feeling that makes us dance even when we are alone. Let the groove make you move. It’s alright. I just got caught myself. I own it. Now you hear it.

About The Degrees

On the heels of the heavily Jazz FM championed Need You and the band’s standout debut single, All Said and Done, The Degrees return with another slice of vintage sounding, beat-driven UK soul – Nothing Else.

Among the wider influences that drive The Degrees, from classic soul songwriters like Bill Withers to the 90s trip hop spirit of their home city, the production on Nothing Else gives another strong nod to the UK street soul sound. It feels like it could sit rightfully alongside your favourite Rae & Christian or Young Disciples records, a lost vintage that you had on vinyl somewhere…

Continuing their story and in the run up to The Degrees debut album in the fall, Nothing Else once again points to Isha and Charlie’s love of analog recording, the art of sampling, live collective artistry and truly meaningful song writing.

Featured image by Chelone Wolf.