The Dying Seconds has released their latest single titled ‘Make Your Heart Beat’ from the upcoming album ‘Full Of Ghosts’.

Electronic meets power-synthpop hooks with a track to define the end of summer. Full of anthemic goodness to set the tone for the new indie music scene and drive those listening to new inspiration.

I love the way the song just chugs along on it’s own steam. That feeling you get when you have discovered something good that will stay with you and it’s all your own. It makes your heart beat.

About ‘Make Your Heart Beat’

‘Make Your Heart Beat’ explores a longing for a simpler time, when life was full of giddy highs and the rush of the new. It tells a tale of trying to leave the past behind and start a fresh, to remember what made you fall in love with something or someone in the first place.

The musical arrangement brings this to life with a synth-pop surface of bouncing bass and beats under which an uneasy ensemble of frayed and fractured fragments bubble up and unsettle things, building to an equal parts joyful and dizzying ending as these contrasting elements come together in a potent mix of sentiment and sediment.