Androgynous Analog Goth Supergroup The FMs have just released their highly anticipated new music video for the hit single “Extender” from their debut album “Machinacene Epoch”. Now available worldwide.

The FMs, are a Brooklyn based group combining elements of industrial/synth/pop with a glam/punk attitude, advancing androgeny and activism.

The FM’s, (femmes, female to males, fuck me sillies) androgynous analog goth menacing hymns on the future zeitgeist. Evoking a contemporary nihilist take on 1970’s glam antics. Condoms are given away from the stage to encourage folks to stop overpopulating the planet. At times everyone tries to twerk. The FMs simply want to save the world without being dicks about it.

Meet The FMs:

  • Matt Namer – Vox, Bass
  • Frances Rex – Vox, Guitar
  • Michael Butterfly – Synths, Samplers
  • Lucas Leto – Drums

“The FMs are New York’s outer and of sonic seditionaries.”
– Ken Scrudato Editor Blackbook Magazine

The FMs provide the insight to the compelling new video:
“We’ve been really fascinated with the advancement of AI and humanity’s reckoning with it and wanted to construct a song and video that explores the intersections of the artificial and biological information systems. It was probably a little ambitious to try and tackle on such a small budget but we were lucky enough to have this amazing team, in particular stars Poppy Liu & Miss Sugar Mamasota and Directors Alexander Allaux and Luke Namer (my brother). We ended up with a really cool project we’re all really proud of.”