The Greeners have premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Take Me Home’. Set in the mind of a subtle musical genius, we get a glimpse of what possibly became of the girl from Ipanema (the real one, Heloísa Pinheiro, became a successful businessperson), but I also like to think that she found her way home. Found her roots. This is what I get from ‘Take Me Home’. I get the full circle. The completion and restart. The full circle.

If you read into the background of this song it all makes sense now. But, what you may not realize, is the beauty of music can make this about you and your journey. The song has it’s quirky way about it with a bit of snark and some flair about it. This is where your journey lies. The talent of the songwriting comes into play here. Remember that when you watch this video and find yourself tapping to the rhythm and humming the bassline.

About The Greeners

The Greeners are a London based trio (and sometimes more), who use multiple acoustic instruments and intricate vocal harmonies to create their innovative sound.

Their roots are in folk/pop/ bluegrass, featuring evocative lyrics, ear-worm riffs, lush strings and soaring melodies. Drawing influence from seminal artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Laura Marling, Elbow and The The, their sound has been compared to Tom Waits, Fleet Foxes and Nickel Creek. They have performed live at venues such as The Troubadour, The Gladstone, The Queen’s Head in London and The Printworks in Hastings, and for events such as SofarSounds, Bark Presents, Live from Salon Noir in London, and Sharp Teeth Presents in Bristol.

The Greeners can both inspire a room to wait with bated breath for the next note and to jump to their feet and dance til dawn. In 2017 they released their self-titled album, ‘The Greeners’, and received immediate praise and recognition from Radio 6 Music, Fresh on the Net and BBC Introducing. Two singles, ‘Old Street’ and ‘Crowd’ were released in 2020 to acclaim from Folk Radio and Trust the Doc, as well as their lockdown EP ‘AWAY’.

Their new single ‘Take Me Home’ builds towards the release of their second album in September 2022, which will feature a collaboration with former world champion beatboxer Bellatrix, more female-led vocals, and a string section at the core of their sound.

The Greeners are

  • Sonya Cullingford – vocals, violin, ukulele
  • James Traherne – vocals, guitar
  • Gus Seymour – backing vocals, cello

Guest musicians include: Bellatrix – beatboxing; Alex Vann – mandolin, guitar; Pete Bennie – double bass; Mike Vince – drums, percussion

Press For ‘Take Me Home’

“On this track, which is underpinned by a captivating bass line, The Greeners’ lyrical sentiments speak to a familiar contemporary, carefree international political climate where those at the helm, experience attests, can do as they please. The invocation of the picturesque tax haven of the Cayman Islands says it all in this regard with a rugged, comedic tone which would be difficult for any other wordsmith to surpass: “Stole my money ran away to the Cayman Islands, no I’ll never find them corporate kings, got political asylum.” A joke with a jag, I would wager. The music boasts a feel-good fanfare bolstered by the group of musicians under The Greeners umbrella. The outworkings between trumpet and sax bring this delightful excursion to its finale where listeners are reassured, by the refrain, that “the future’s on its way.”
Peter Donnelly, Fresh Faves Batch 447

“London-based trio The Greeners are a truly intriguing band. Utilizing a mouth-watering range of acoustic instruments and mixing up a bunch of stylistic influences, their roots are in Folk, Bluegrass and Pop though, if Crowd is any indication, we can definitely throw Jazz into the melting pot too. Their Twitter page calls their music Alt Folk and Folk Radio recently described them as ‘refreshingly original on (sic) every sense of the word’. I must whole-heartedly concur. The song starts with unison pizzicato strings accompanying a swinging Peggy Lee-ish bluesy female vocal. The lyrics depict a disturbing story of being at a rally, shouted down and forced to flee before buying a gun and putting paid to her pursuers; a tale that is told ‘every day in The Sun’! One of self-isolation of a different kind! The history behind this episode sounds fascinating if macabre! As the track develops, solo sax saunters in and out of the song’s center and there is a lovely lazy feel to the whole thing. It is one of the many aspects I love about Fresh on the Net that not only do we get tracks as individual as this but that our discerning readers vote for them too.”
Neil March, Fresh on the Net/ Trust the Doc

“Until they made contact, I’d not previously heard of the London based Alt-Folk trio (and sometimes more) The Greeners, but this unforgettable single is sure to change that for many. From the very opening of their new single ‘Old Street’, it’s clear that they are far from typical. From the deep resonance of Gus Seymour’s cello, the listener is cut adrift and then lifted by the exceptional vocals of Sonya Cullingford as they revisit home… Forget their influences; this trio is refreshingly original in every sense of the word.”
Alex Gallacher, Folk Radio UK

“.. around this time of night I like to listen to some rootsy drumming, authentic double bass, Tom Waits guitar lines and two people having an almost indecent amount of fun together. Meet The Greeners.”
Tom Robinson, 6 Music BBC Introducing Mixtape

“Well this is exciting; a fresh piece of contemporary bluegrass. What else could you ask for on the folky checklist? Pizzicato action, check. Bendy double bass, check. Back-and-forth vocals, check. Add in satirical lyrics and playful harmonies make ‘No Place Like Home’ a thoroughly enjoyable ride. Dare I say The Greeners remind me of a British Nickel Creek; progressive, talented and pure joy to listen to.”
Bobby Colcombe, Fresh On The Net ‘Fresh Faves’ ‘