DJ Insanity with Like A Storm
DJ Insanity with Like A Storm

Tom Hocker aka DJ Insanity from Echo Asylum and Insanity’s Metal Edge on JammerStream Hardcore got and exclusive interview with Chris Brooks from Like A Storm at Welcome to Rockville.

About Tom Hocker:
Tom A.K.A Insanity is an on-air personality for Jammerstream and his show Insanity’s Metal Edge airs every Thursday & Saturday @ Midnight & Noon U.S. Eastern time on JammerStream Hardcore. In September 2014, he merged his record label(Knox Asylum Records) with long time affiliat (Echo Eyes Tour Management) to create Echo Asylum. Echo Asylum is an online magazine that features an online radio station, album reviews, and coverage of concerts and festivals from all over the United States.

For more information please visit or and be sure to catch “Insanity’s Metal Edge” on Jammerstream Hardcore Thursdays Midnight and noon, and also Saturdays Midnight and noon.